SSL Certificates

Secure your online presence

If you want to do business on the web, you need SSL. SSL Certificates is the way to protect your clients data and defend them against identity theft. Most of the customers refuse to do business with websites that does not support SSL encryption or does not provide a valid SSL Certificate, these tell your customers that they can perform protected online transactions with confidence.

Each type of certificate provides different leves of validation. We offer you the following range of certificates:


from $10.74/yr

Single domain-level validation is the most cheaper and basic type of SSL. These certificates provide basic encryption and are quickly issued requiring domain ownership verification only. Once bought you can start to use your certificate in minutes.


from $44.39/yr

Organization-validated SSL certificates verifies the organization or business identity behind the domain providing higher level of security. This certifies to your visitors and customers who is really the company behind the website they are visiting.


from $173.99/yr

Extended validation provides the highest degree of security and user confidence. The certifying authority examines your business before issuing the certificate and once issued you benefit from being able to show the 'green address bar' in your website.

Wildcard &

from $34.67/yr

Wildcard SSL certificates provide security for all subdomains of a domain with only one certificate while Multi-domain SSL certificates allow you to secure multiple domains or multiple hostnames with only one unique certificate.