Managed Domains

Your domains without the hassle, time wasting and skills to administer them

With our managed domains you don't need the technical skills required to perform administrative or technical tasks in order to configure or setup your domains, simply talk us about what do you want to do with your domain and we will do it for you with the confidence that you deserve. If we think that something is wrong we will advise you before perform any task providing you with further information about that matter.

Note: We provide domain management service as an additional service to domains registered with or transferred to us only, we do not provide this service to domains resgistered with other registrars or Internet Service Providers but we can assist you in trasferring your domain to us and take advantage of this service.

Basic domain management service includes:

Initial domain setup*

Domain ownership management.

DNS records management (add, modify or delete up to 10 records per intervention).

Nameservers Glue Records management.

Whois Privacy Service management.

Domaing Lock Protection management.

* Initial domain setup includes all the above tasks in one unique intervention and the creation of up to 20 DNS records.

You can subscribe for domain management service at registration/transfer time or associating this service to your current domains from the control panel.

Managed Domain Packages pricing table

Domain Management Package Interventions     Subscription Fee
Basic    5 $32.00
Intermediate    10 $48.00
Advanced    15 $64.00

All interventions and prices shown are per year and per domain unless otherwise stated. These prices do not include domain registration or transfer fee nor domain renewal fee. Please refer to domains pricing table to check domain registration, transfer and renewal fees for the different domain extensions. Interventions are not cumulative from one year to the next.