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What is included?
Free advanced DNS service Complete DNS management freedom
Free WHOIS privacy service Online domain ownership management
Free domain transfer to & from us Premium quality support
5 Free email forwarding accounts And more... See details

Why a .CO domain?

.CO is used all over the world, making it easy to take your idea global. Every day, people around the world are using .CO to get the web address they really want.

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.co domains

.Me is all about 'you'

Whether you are planning to share a blog, a photo album or a splash page, a combination of your name and a .me domain makes your brand truly unique.

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.me domains

Raise your visibility with .eu

A .eu domain name signals to prospects that you are open for business across the European Union.

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.eu domains

Faster access to your .info

The .INFO domain is the logical choice for people creating informational websites and for people searching for information online.

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.info domains

Go mobile friendly with .mobi

A .mobi domain is your opportunity to connect with the global mobile audience!

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.info domains

What's included?

That is what you receive when registering your domain with us

Advanced DNS Service

Free DNS service that allows you to manage your DNS records in our Name Servers using an easy to use and intuitive control panel.

DNS Freedom

You are free to configure your domains to use our DNS infraestructure or any other third party Name Servers, the choice is yours. Even we provide you with Glue Records management feature in order you be able to register your own domain Name Servers.

Domain Privacy Protection

Whith our WHOIS privacy service you get privacy protection for every domain you register absolutely free (worth over $3.00 per domain per year). This service hiddes your personal information from the public WHOIS registries maintaining your privacy and preventing spam.

Free Domain Transfers

We do not charge you any additional fee for transferring your domains to us, nor if you decide to transfer your domain from us to any other registrar. Moreover our domain transfer fees are the same as for a new domain registration.

Domain Email Forwards

Configure up to 5 free email forwarding accounts for your domain and all emails comming to these accounts will be automatically forwarded to your existing email addresses.

Domain Lock Protection

Domain Lock feature provides additional security to your domain causing transfer requests to be automatically rejected and also protects your domains agaist unauthorized changes of your name servers and contact details by third parties.

Domain Ownership Management

Manage online and in real time Ownership, Technical and Billing contacts information of your domains through our control panel.

Managed Renewal and Auto-renew Service

Do not lose your domain. Our service monitors your domain and warns you when registration period is about to expire and if you have activated the Auto-renew feature your domain will be automatically auto renewed just before expiration date. This ensures that the domain name remains in your control and ownership.

Premium Quality Support

24x7 Premium Quality Support. And if you opt for our Managed Domain Service (fees apply) forget about domain management, simply contact us when you need to perform any technical task regarding your domains and we will do it for you.

Renewal Price Guaranteed

The renewal price you will pay is the same as for a new domain regitration, we do not charge you additional fees for domain renewals.